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Normatec Compression Therapy

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A Better Way to Recover

Normatec compression therapy is the answer you've been looking for to help your body recover and rehabilitate. A compression device surrounds your arms, legs, or hips and massages your limbs. The system uses pulsing, similar to how it would feel during a manual massage. This pulsing helps improve the movement of fluid out of the limbs, leading to faster recovery and recuperation after exertion.

The Normatec system allows for a completely customized experience. The system will mold to fit your exact body shape when you start, providing a snug, custom compression therapy massage that is perfect for your body.


A number of benefits make Normatec the perfect answer for someone looking to help their body recover.

  • Flushing of lymphatic fluids and lactic acids removing toxins from you muscles.

  • Reducing Inflammation

  • Improving circulation

  • Reducing water accumulation

  • Accelerating recovery and rehabilitation

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